Brick walls

Every researcher has them, and I've got my fair share of "brick wall" ancestors too.  Here is a list of the current endpoints in my ancestral research.  If you have any information on any of these, please let me know.  Some of these people are endpoints simply because I haven't researched them further yet, but they are still ends of the lines that I'm researching.  In alphabetical order by surname, my brick walls are:

Agnes __ - Agnes was a colonial immigrant.  I don't have any of her own vital statistics, but I know she married William Curtis and they had five children, at least two of whom were born in Nazeing, Essex, England.  The whole family moved to the colonies; one son died in Wethersfield, Connecticut, and another son is buried in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Anne __ - The only detail that I know of for this woman is that she married James Bennetts (also below).  The era is sometime in the mid to late 1700s and the location is somewhere in Cornwall, as their daughter Harriet was born in some time around 1798 in Camborne, Cornwall, England.

Elisabeth __ - I know that she was born in 1682 and she married Pierre Graber.  The location is somewhere in the Alsace region, but I don't have any further details. 

Elizabeth __ - This woman was born somewhere around the late 1700s and married James Riley (also below).  Their daughter Louanne Riley was born after 1815 in Peru, Miami County, Indiana.

Jazan __ - She was born in 1608, I don't know where but my guess is that it was probably in the United Kingdom.  I am guessing that it was the UK because sometime before 1638 she married William Hartwell in Concord, Massachusetts colony, a colony that was established in 1628.  Jazan had seven children with William and died on 5 Aug 1695 in Concord.

Jenifer __ - This is another woman of whom I know very little.  I'm guessing she was born sometime around 1800 since the one child that I have attributed to her, Anne Kendall, was born in 1831 in Camborne, Cornwall, England.  Jenifer married Charles Kendall (also below).

Joan __ - Joan lived her whole life, as far as I've been able to find, in Witney, Oxfordshire, England.  She was born there circa 1514, married Thomas Merriman (also below) and had six children between circa 1532 and circa 1540.

Judah __ - Like many of the women listed so far, I know almost nothing about this woman.  She married William Owens (also below) and together they had a son, also named William Owens, born on 10 Nov 1750 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia colony.

Kate __ (SNGF post about Kate) - Kate was of Irish birth.  She was probably born either in 1848 or 1850 based on U.S. census records from New York, which show her as Kate, Katie and even Catherine C.  She married Francis W. Lamb, and they bore one child in 1872.

Lucretia __ - She was a colonial settler, but I'm not entirely certain where in the colonies yet.  She was married twice, first to Nathaniel Powell circa 1664, by whom she had six children, then to John Corbett some time before 10 March 1678/9.  I don't know if there were any children by her second marriage, or when and where she was born or died.
Margery B. __ - Margery was another colonial immigrant, this time to Pennsylvania colony.  She married John Denny (also below) and they had two children that I know of: Walter Denny (b. 17 Mar 1751 in Lancaster County) and Elizabeth Denny (b. 1764 in Cumberland County).

Martha __ - Martha's family is one of the few that didn't migrate to North America during the time that I am researching.  She married Henry Stevens and together they had Minerva Rose Stevens, who was born in 1839 in Mayland, Essex, England.  Minerva immigrated and died in 1905 in New Jersey.

Mary __ - I know that Mary crossed the ocean to the colonies in the early 1600s since she married Nathan Aldis circa 1624 in Dedham, Massachusetts colony.  She had two children and died on 1 Jan 1676/7 in Dedham, Massachusetts.

Mary __ - The second Mary that I am researching was also in Massachusetts colony in the early 1600s.  This Mary married Thomas Staples (also below), and in 1627 they had a daughter Mary Staples born in Fairfield, Massachusetts.

Mary __ - Mary number 3 was also a colonial settler.  She married Sgt. Jeremiah Judson (also below), and they had Mercy Judson born in 1665 in Stratford, Connecticut.

Mary __ - A fourth Mary was born a bit later than the previously mentioned three.  This Mary married David Van Marter (also below) and they had five children born in the early 1800s.

Mary __ - The fifth Mary is back to colonial times but a little farther south.  She married John Powell probably sometime around 1730, and they had seven children born between 1732 and 1750.  At least one of those children is listed as being born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

Mary __ - The last brick wall Mary in my research lived through the American Revolutionary War era.  She was born circa 1768 in Henry County, Kentucky, married William Rice, and they had Johnathan B. Rice born on 30 April 1790, also in Henry County.

Philip __ - Philip is one of those rare dead ends in my research where it's a man whose surname is unknown, and it is entirely possible that this connection is incorrect.  But, he is one of the oldest people that I've been able to find in all of my research.  He was born after 1447, probably in England.  He married Maud Vaughan and together they had David Cecil, born circa 1473.  The doubt here is that I've seen some records that state David's parents were Richard Cyssel and Margaret Vaughan.  I don't yet know which connection is correct, so until then, I will keep this as a possible relation.  There are also questions on the connections further down in this line, as will be discussed in the entry for Dorothy Cotten, below.

Sarah __ - Sarah is another woman who I should be able to find out more about; she is also one of the most recent finds in my database, so I haven't known to look for her specifically as long as I've known about many of the other family members.  She was born in 1829 in Indiana and married John C. Allen (also below).  They had four children born in the 1860s in Indiana.

Lettese Aggar (Surname Saturday: Aggar) - Lettese was a Briton.  She married Bennett Eliot (also below) on 30 Nov 1598 in Nazeing, England, had seven children born in England and died in 1620 in England.

Nathan Aldis (Surname Saturday: Aldis) - Nathan was one of the early colonial immigrants.  He was born circa 1596 in England, crossed the ocean and married Mary __ (also above) circa 1624 in Dedham, Massachusetts colony.  He died there on 15 March 1675/6.

Frances Allen (Surname Saturday: Allen, but a different line) - I'm guessing that Frances was an immigrant to the colonies, but really don't know.  She married Peter Lehew (also below), and they had nine children, one of whom was born in 1735.  I know Peter was born in France and died in Virginia colony, but don't have any other location information on them or their children.

John C. Allen (Surname Saturday: Allen; update) - I found John in the 1870 U.S. census for Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.  He was born in 1821 in Ohio and married Sarah __ (also above).  they had four children born in the 1860s.  I the family again in the 1880 U.S. census but this time with only three children listed (the youngest of the four was not listed in 1880) in Shannondale, Montgomery County, Indiana.  There was also a listing for a John C. Allen in the 1850 U.S. census as a laborer in Franklin Township, Montgomery County, Indiana, but the rest of the family as I know it is not listed with him, which leads me to speculate that he married after 1850.

Hans Amstutz (Surname Saturday: Amstutz) - Hans was born in 1598 in Sigriswil in what is today known as Switzerland.  He had five children, likely all born there, and he died there in 1660.

John Beach (Surname Saturday: Beach) - Of all of the ancestors that are listed on this page, this is the person who I think it is least likely that I will find any more significant information for.  I say that because the Beach line has been extensively researched by a number of very experienced researchers.  Even though I've seen some records indicating who John's parents were, even that research was in question, so I consider John my end-of-line ancestor.  He was born in 1620 in Derbyshire, England.  He immigrated to New Haven Colony in July 1638 and lived there at least until 1647.  Two of his brothers, Richard and Thomas, are known to have immigrated either with him or within a couple of years.  He married Mary Staples circa 1650, and the family moved to Stratford, Connecticut, by 1652.  They had ten children there between 1652 and 1673/4.  John died on 6 November 1677 in Stratford.

Hannah Benedict (Surname Saturday: Benedict) - Hannah was another colonial resident, although I don't know if she as an immigrant or not.  She was born in 1747, and married Oliver Hartwell circa 1764 in Connecticut colony.  I know of three children born to them, two of whom I know were also born in Connecticut, and Hannah died on 28 July 1785 in North Canaan, Connecticut.  She was buried in Canaan Valley Cemetery in North Canaan.

Joseph Rich Benjamin (Surname Saturday: Benjamin) - This is one line that I have not yet taken back beyond the 1800s.  Joseph was born in Milan, Erie County, Ohio, but I don't have the birth date yet.  He married Mary Jane Goodhue on 5 January 1837 in Huron, Erie County, Ohio.  I know of one child born to this marriage.  I have not found Joseph's death data yet.

James Bennetts (Surname Saturday: Bennetts) - James belongs to one of the families that I know of in the United Kingdom.  His surname is also sometimes spelled Bennets.  He married Anne __ (also above), and had one child that I know of: Harriet Bennetts (b. maybe 1798 in Camborne, Cornwall, England).

Verene Bircher (Surname Saturday: Bircher) - Verene was born circa 1657 and married Peter Schmid (also below).  I don't know the exact locations for her vital events, but I know that her daughter Elizabeth Schmid was married in 1702 in Frutigen in what is now Switzerland.

John Birdseye (Surname Saturday: Birdsey/Birdseye) - This John was another colonial immigrant near the founding of the colonies.  He was born in either circa 1571 in Reading, Berkshire, England or in 1583 in Windsor, England.  He was married circa 1593 in Reading (which makes the 1571 date look more likely) to a woman whose name is not yet known.  Their son, also named John Birdseye, was born in 1616 in Reading.  At some point, the elder John emigrated to Connecticut colony; this could have occurred in 1636 when the younger John also emigrated to Wethersfield, Connecticut.  The elder John died in 1649 in Glatonbury, Connecticut.

Barbara Boss (Surname Saturday: Boss) - Barbara is so far the only person that I have any information about in the Boss surname.  She was born in 1632 in Sigriswil, married Hans Amstutz (a different person than is listed above) circa 1650, had eight children all born in Sigriswil and then died in 1680 in Sigriswil.

Marie Breschbuler (Surname Saturday: Breschbuler) - She was another of the family that lived in the Alsace region.  I don't know her birth information yet, but she married on 5 June 1741 to Hans Ulrich Amstutz (also a different person than is listed above) and they had either five or eight children, depending on the validity of Hans's 1753 death date.  I have various events for this family listed in Masevaux, Mulhouse and Montbéliard, all within the current borders of France.

James M. Brown (Surname Saturday: Brown; update) - This is another line where I should be able to find out more information.  James was born circa 1853 in Bloomington, Indiana, and married Jane Neal Campbell (also below) circa 1878, also in Bloomington.  I was able to find a U.S. census record for James and Jane in 1880 in Marion, Monroe County, Indiana; at that time they were listed with three children and a boarder.  I don't yet know when or where James died.

Solomon Burton (Surname Saturday: Burton) - The Burton line is another that I recently extended a generation or two.  The current endpoint is Solomon, who was born circa 1660 in England.  I don't know when he sailed yet, but Solomon married Mercy Judson (daughter of Sgt. Jeremiah Judson and Mary __, both also listed on this page) on 1 August 1687 in Stratford, Connecticut.  They had six children born in Stratford, and Solomon died circa 1720 in Stratford.  Solomon was a cordwainer.

William I. Cafferty (Surname Saturday: Cafferty) - The Cafferty line spent quite a bit of time in New Jersey.  The oldest that I know of right now is William, who was born 17 December 1823 in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  I've been able to verify a little bit of William's life, but haven't found his parents yet.  On 12 February 1845, he married Rebecca Larrison (also below).  In the 1860 U.S. census for New Jersey, William and Rebecca are shown in Millstone, Monmouth County, New Jersey, with four children and two apprentices; William is listed there as a coach maker.  On the next U.S. census in 1870, they are listed in Washington Township, Mercer County, New Jersey, with five children and no unrelated residents; William is then listed as a farmer.  I have records of a total of eight children with three of them dying before 1860.  William died on 20 March 1901.  I have a Google Alert set up for William I. Cafferty, but it has not yet helped further this line - most of the results from the alert link to pages that mention the modern CNN commentator Jack Cafferty.  I don't know if there's a connection there yet.

Sarah Cahoon (Surname Saturday: Cahoon) - Sarah forms another late American colonial link in my research.  She was born either in 1774 or 1779 in North Carolina.  She married Joseph J. Voliva (also below) on 27 June 1795 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.  I know of three children of this marriage, William Glenn Voliva (M; b. 1798; d. 1855), Nathan Voliva (M; b. 1800; d. 1855) and Thomas Jefferson Voliva (M; b. 1804; d. 1852).  She was listed in the 1850 U.S. census in the household of her son Nathan in Richland Township, Fountain County, Indiana.  She died in Indiana circa 1870.

Jane Neal Campbell (Surname Saturday: Campbell) - Jane was born either in 1850 or 1858 in Indiana, probably in Bloomington; the latter date matches with the 1880 U.S. census record.  She married James M. Brown (also above) circa 1878 in Bloomington, and as already noted, appeared on the 1880 U.S. census with him.  Jane died in 1935.

James Carstarphen (Surname Saturday: Carstarphen) - I'm not entirely certain of the connection to this line, but it is an educated guess based on the parents of Orrin Carstarphen Horne in early 19th century Pulaski County, Georgia.  There were IGI records noting his parents as Henry E. Horne and Nancy Elizabeth Carstarphen; naming patterns that I've seen for this era were consistent with this theory, so I'm including them as possible until I find more evidence to prove the connection.  The connection between Nancy and James Carstarphen is a little more tenuous, but it is the only connection that I've seen for her parents yet.  I doubt the connection because Nancy's birth is recorded in some records as 1790, while James's marriage to Mary Powell, who is reported as Nancy's mother, was recorded as 5 December 1827.  I plan to work on the connection between Nancy and James before spending too much time in looking for James's parents.  However, another theory is that James was actually Nancy's brother, so I would need to find his parents anyway.

__ Collier - This was the father of Harriet Collier and Alfred Collier Esq.  I don't know any dates or locations until his grandson Dr. Frank Clay Leonard, who was born maybe 1863 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Samuel Cook - The Cook surname is another that traces through colonial America.  Samuel is the furthest back that I know of, born on 4 January 1781 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania colony.  He was a farmer in the region and married Elizabeth McWilliams (also below), and they had eleven children together, the first seven born between 1802 and 1815 in Westmoreland County, the last four born between 1818 and 1824 in Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County, Ohio.

Dorothy Cotten (Surname Saturday: Cotten) - Dorothy was another early colonial settler.  She was born some time between 1603 and 1611 in England, and was christened in 1611 in Cretingham, Suffolk, England.  She emigrated to Connecticut colony, then in 1632 or 1633 she married Henry Smith in Wethersfield, Connecticut.  Henry and Dorothy had eight children between 1635 and 1648.  I've also seen sources that list seven additional children born to Dorothy before 1635, all but one in England, going back as early as 1612.  I find these earlier children of this marriage quite unlikely, especially when we get back to the first purported child, as Dorothy would have given birth at age 9.  The line that I am interested in is descended from a 1622 birth, but even there I have my doubts; 1622 fits for the younger family, but 1632 fits for the older family.  As with others already noted, this line needs a bit more verification before I move too much further back.

Samuel Cox - Of this progenitor, I only know that he married Temperance Baily and they had a son named Champion Eugene Cox, born sometime in the 1790s.  This family lived in Kentucky but I don't know much beyond that for Samuel.

Margaret Cranston - The Cranston line is another Irish line.  Margaret was born circa 1749 in Ireland.  In 1766, she became the first wife of John Francis III (his second wife was Isabella Ann Ingram).  John and Margaret had three children and she died in 1773 in Ireland.  Margaret is buried in Breaky, County Cavan.

__ Curtis - One step further back from William Curtis (who married Agnes __, also above) is an unknown Curtis relation.  William had a brother named George Curtis who was buried a few years after William's death, also in Nazeing, Essex, England.  Other than the surname and the family connection to Nazeing, I know nothing about this Curtis ancestor.

John Denny - The Denny line also leads through Pennsylvania colony, as far back as John.  He married Margery B. __ (also above) and they had two children that I know of in the mid 1700s.

__ Duffy - The eldest on this line that I know of was found in the 1900 U.S. census for Chicago.  Ellen Duffy's parents were both listed there as being born in Ireland.  Ellen was also born in Ireland, in either 1862 or November 1863.  The latter date is what is listed on the 1900 census.  I don't know Ellen's mother's name or anything about her other than Irish birth, but it seems likely that Ellen's parents probably stayed in Ireland.  Ellen emigrated to the United States in 1875, again according to the census record.  She married Thomas MacWhirter (below under __ MacWhirter) some time before 1900, as she is listed within Thomas's household along with a brother of Thomas and a daughter.  Ellen died in 1920 in Indiana.

Eleanor Dunlap - Eleanor is the only person in the Dunlap line that I know of so far.  She married Sylvanus Cook, son of Samuel Cook listed above, on 20 Nov 1823 in Sugar Creek Township, Wayne County, Ohio.  They had eight children before Sylvanus died in 1833 in Noble County, Indiana; I don't know where or when Eleanor died yet.

Edward Dunn - The Dunn line is another line that lived in Cornwall, eventually migrating through Wisconsin.  Edward is the farthest back that I know of so far, having married Harriet Bennetts, possibly on 2 Dec 1819 in Camborne, Cornwall, England.  I know that two of their three children immigrated to the United States in 1845 to work the mines around Mineral Point, Wisconsin, and the third child also immigrated to Wisconsin, but I don't know when yet.  I don't know if Edward himself also immigrated and I don't know his death details yet.

Abraham Egly - Abraham was one of a few German immigrants that I know of for our family.  He was born in 1797 in Württemberg.  He married Magdalena Reber (also below) in March 1819 in Baden, where they had three children in the 1820s.  The family immigrated in 1837 to Butler County, Ohio, and Abraham is listed in the 1860 U.S. census as living in his son Henry's household in Hartford Township, Adams County, Indiana.

Catherine Eicher - Catherine was another family member from the Alsace region families.  She married Daniel Graber and had five children in the mid 1700s in what is now France.  She died on 13 May 1778 in Sochaux, France.

Bennett Eliot - Bennett, like his wife Lettese Aggar (also above) was a Briton.  They were married on 30 Oct 1598 in Nazeing, Essex, England, their seven children were all born in England, and he died on 21 Nov 1621 in England.

Matthias Farnsworth - The Farnsworth line is another that immigrated through the early American colonies.  Matthias, whose birth data I do not yet know, married Mary Farr (also below) in 1646 in Lynn, Massachusetts colony.  They had one son that I know of, John Farnsworth born in 1651 or 1652 in Groton, Massachusetts.  I have yet to carry the research on this line forward beyond our own ancestry, so I don't have any idea yet if there is a relation to the well-known Philo T. Farnsworth.

Mary Farr - The Farr family is a line that also came through Massachusetts in colonial times, although the ancestral lineage I know of within the colonies under this surname is only one generation long.  I don't know when or where she was born or died, but I know that she married Matthias Farnsworth (also above) in 1646 in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Stephen Ford - Stephen spent his life in New Jersey.  He was born circa 1825 in New Jersey, then married Rachel S. Hutchenson (also below) on 23 November 1848 in Washington Township, Mercer County, New Jersey.  I found Stephen in the 1860 U.S. census for East Windsor Township, Mercer County, with a daughter and two others who shared the Hutchinson surname; Stephen is listed as a farmer on this census.  I don't yet know anything about his death.

John Francis - Three generations down from John Francis, the Francis line connects to the Meharry line.  The farthest back that I know for Francis ancestors, John, was born circa 1685 in England.  He married Jane McGregory (also below) and they had two children that I know of.  However, the family may have moved to Ireland during this generation as subsequent children are listed in Ireland.

Anna Gilgen - The Gilgen line is another line from France, this time from the Upper Rhine region.  Anna was born circa 1677 and married Christen Luginbull (also below); they had one child that I know of, Anne Lugbull (I've seen several spelling variations for the husband's surname) in 1701 in St. Nicolas.

Barbe Gingerich - The Gingerich line also came through the Alsace region, with Barbe marrying Jacques Goldschmidt (also below) on 12 Aug 1808 in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.  I know of one child of this marriage, Konrad Goldschmidt, who died maybe in 1817, but I find that unlikely because if he was born after his parents' marriage, he would have not been more than 9 years old, yet I know of two children to Konrad born in the late 1790s.  In fact, based on Konrad's data, I have my doubts that Barbe was his mother after all.

Jacques Goldschmidt - Right now, I have Jacques, born on 4 March 1785 in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, married Barbe Gingerich (also above) in 1808 and died on 13 January 1861, listed as the father of Konrad Goldschmidt.  I find this link a bit tenuous with the dates that I've seen for other members of the family, and have strong doubts that Jacques and Barbe were Konrad's parents.  As this line proceeds to America, the surname is simplified to Goldsmith.

James Goodhue - James was the father of Mary Jane Goodhue, who married Joseph Rich Benjamin (also above).  James married Lucinda Mathers in Burlington, Vermont, and they had Mary Jane in 1819 in Albany, New York.  I have no other facts about James confirmed yet.

Pierre Graber - Pierre's line also leads through France; I don't know his birth details, but the earliest child I know of was born in 1707 in Jelosheim, France.  Pierre married Elisabeth __ (also above) and died in Étobon on as yet unknown dates.

Sara Ann "Sallie" or "Sally" Hamilton - The Hamilton line connects with Sarah Ann in Kentucky.  She was born in 1806 in either Virginia or in Clinton County, Kentucky, then married Samuel Johnston Owens on 3 Feb 1825 in either Clinton or Wayne County, Kentucky.  She is listed in the 1860 U.S. census as Sally Owens in Clinton County, Kentucky with Samuel Owens and nine children.  Sarah died in the same county in August 1880.

William Hartwell - The extensive list of Williams descendants is the subject of the Hand-book of Hartwell Genealogy, but right now, William is the first in the Hartwell line that I know of.  William was born in 1613 in Kent, England.  He emigrated to Massachusetts colony soon after it was established and married Jazan __ (also above) in Concord, Massachusetts before 1638.  William became a freeman of Massachusetts colony in 1642, and served as a Corporal in presumably the colony militia in 1671.  He was a farmer and he died on 12 March 1690 in Concord.

Sarah Battle Hillard - I'm unsure as to the validity of the connection to this line; my doubt stems from a possible connection between one of her sons and his own son (Sarah's grandson, Orrin Carstarphen Horne).  Assuming the connection is valid, Sarah married Henry Horne in 1767 in Autauga County, Alabama.  This is another point that fuels my doubts on this line - at that time, the territory was claimed by both the Province of Georgia and British West Florida.  Yet all the records that I've seen for this family are quite adamant that it was Alabama.  I've seen references to a Battle family in New England, but I have absolutely no idea if there is a connection there.  With the inconsistencies that I've noticed here and in children's generations so far, I question the validity of this entire line.

Levi C. Holmes - Family legend says that this line connects to Oliver Wendell Holmes, a former justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  I've found this link unlikely so far, and based on the dates, I know that Levi couldn't have been descended from O.W. Holmes.  Levi was born in 1814 in Hightstown, Mercer County, New Jersey.  He married Mary N. Van Marter and they had five children between 1838 and 1846.  I've tried researching down from some of O.W. Holmes's ancestors, but haven't found the connection yet.

Barbara Hochstettler - The Hochstettler line connects in Germany then through the Alsace region in the early to mid 1700s.  I don't know Barbara's birth or death details yet, and I don't know where or when she married Christ Nafziger (also below).  They had three children that I know of, one of whom was born in 1737 in Baden.

Mary Hollister - Mary was another Briton in the lines I'm researching.  She was born circa 1592 and married John Welles circa 1610 in Essex, England.  I know of one child to this marriage, Elizabeth Ann Welles, who was the immigrant to North America on the Welles line.  I don't have any death or parent information for Mary yet.

Henry Horne - If the connection from Orrin Carstarphen Horne to Nancy Carstarphen is valid, further back on her line is another Horne, Henry Horne.  I don't have any details for him yet, but if he is to fit in with other dates in the family, he would have been born in the mid-1600s.  The notes that I have seen list his daughter as Debora Horne, who married John Powell, and the Powells descend to Nancy Carstarphen.  Even though this is the current endpoint on its branch, I'll still be concentrating my research further down the line to verify the connections first.  NOTE: see the comments below for more information from a reader.

Henry Horne - On the other Horne line, which ascends from Orrin Carstarphen Horne's father, the line leads back to another Henry Horne.  This Henry married Ann __, and they had a son named Henry Horne, born in 1744.  Like the other Horne line just described, I'll be concentrating my research on O.C. Horne first and working my way back to reverify all the information that I've seen.

Rachel S. Hutchenson - Rachel was born on 26 September 1827.  She married Stephen Ford (also above) on 23 November 1848, had one child in 1854 and died before 1860.  Rachel is not listed on the 1860 census with her husband.  Her surname could have been spelled Hutchinson, based on the two other Hutchinson family members that were living with Stephen in 1860.

Elizabeth Hutchins - The Hutchins line is yet another early colonial immigrant line from the British Isles.  Elizabeth was born circa 1568 in England; she married John Curtis on 19 April 1610 in Nazeing, Essex, England.  They had five children, probably all born in England through the mid 1620s, before emigrating to Connecticut colony.  John died in Wethersfield, Connecticut, in 1639, while Elizabeth died in June 1658 in either Stratford or Wallingford, Connecticut.

Rebecca Irby - This line is another line beyond the questionable Carstarphen connection discussed above.  Rebecca was Nancy Carstarphen's maternal grandmother.  I know that Rebecca married William Powell, probably some time around 1765.  They had six children together.  I don't know when or where Rebecca was born or died.

Sgt. Jeremiah Judson - I'm not entirely certain why the one reference where I found this person lists him as a Sergeant.  He was probably in the Connecticut militia, but I have not seen any records to back up this theory yet.  From his first marriage date, it seems likely that Jeremiah was an immigrant to the colony, although I don't know where the line originated.  Jeremiah was twice married, first on 24 October 1644 in Stratford, Connecticut, to Sara Foote (b. 12 Feb 1622; d. 1673 in Stratford), then to Mary __ (also above).  I don't know of any children by his first marriage, and I don't have the details for his second marriage, but I know that Jeremiah and Mary had Mercy Judson on 17 June 1665 in Stratford.

Charles Kendall - The Kendalls migrated through Cornwall, with Charles being the furthest back that I know.  The only details I have so far are that he married Jenifer __ (also above) and they had Anne Kendall, born in 1831 in Camborne, Cornwall.

Hans Klopfenstein - The Klopfenstein line leads back to the mid 1500s through Alsace to towns that are now part of Switzerland.  Hans is the oldest that I know of on this line; he married Christina Otti (also below) and of their children, I only know Benedict Klopfenstein who was born in 1596 in Frutigen.

Katherine Koenig (König) - The Koenig line (I've seen both Koenig and König spellings) is another German line that connects into the Goldschmidts in the late 18th century.  Katherine was born in Nimburg Oberant Ieundingeng, Baden, married Konrad Goldschmidt probably some time before 1795, and she died on 1 January 1836.  I know of two children, one of whom was born in 1796 in the Alsace region of modern day France.

Edwin R. Keyt/Kite/Kyte - This line could lead back to the colonies, or it could lead through a later migration.  Edwin was born in August 1832 in Indiana.  He appears in the 1850, 1860, 1870, 1900 and 1910 U.S. census enumerations with all three of the possible surname spellings; the most common spelling for his surname is Keyt.  In 1850 he was a laborer on the Vangundy farm in Shawnee Township.  In subsequent enumerations, he is listed in Richland Township, Fountain County, Indiana.  Edwin married Louisa Voliva on 24 October 1855, they had six children born between 1856 and 1873.  Louisa died on 31 March 1906; Edwin is listed in 1910 as a widower, living with his son-in-law and daughter Pleasant V. Boot and Carrie Boot.  The census records list Edwin's parents as both born in Ohio.  There is an 1850 census record showing Hosea Keyt (age 55) and Mary Keyt (age 50) born in Ohio and living in Washington Township, Monroe County, Indiana, but I don't yet know if they were Edwin's parents.

Francis Lamb - The oldest that I've found in my own surname's line is Francis Lamb who was born in 1796 in Ireland.  Circa 1830 he married Anne Quinn (also below), another Irish immigrant.  I don't know if the marriage occurred in Ireland or in the United States, but five of the six children that I know of were born in New York City between 1830 and 1845.  Francis is listed in an index of the 1840 U.S. census for New York and the family appears in the 1860 U.S. census for New York.  In 1860 the family included Francis, Anne, four more Lambs, two Quinns and a Thornton.  I'm guessing that the two other Quinns listed in 1860 may be related, and I'm looking for a connection to the Thornton line.  I don't have any information on Francis's death yet.

Rebecca Larrison - The Larrison line is another from New Jersey.  Rebecca was born on 27 October 1824 in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  She married William I. Cafferty (also above) on 12 February 1845.  They had eight children between 1846 and 1863; I don't know when or where Rebecca died yet, but I know it was after 1870 as she is listed in the 1870 U.S. census as a housewife in Washington Township, Mercer County, New Jersey.

Peter Lehew - The Lehew family was French, but I don't know much of anything yet about them.  Peter is the only Lehew that I have found so far, born in April 1692 in France.  At some point, he emigrated to Virginia colony; he married Frances Allen (also above), but I don't have any details on the date or location yet.  They had nine children together and Peter died in April 1780 in Prince William, Virginia.  The romantic in me wants to believe that Peter came to North America as part of the French participation in the American Revolutionary War, but I have yet to verify this theory.

Dr. Jenos Leonard - This man was the father of Dr. Frank Clay Leonard who is mentioned above as the grandson of the earliest Collier ancestor that I know.  The only details that I have for Jenos other than his title is that he married Harriet Collier and they had six children, at least one of them born in Des Moines, Iowa.

Eunice Lewis - Eunice was a colonial settler of the 18th century.  She was born on 29 January 1699 in Stratford, Connecticut, and married Judson Burton on 9 August 1722.  I know of four children born to this marriage between 1722 and 1741.  Eunice lived through the Revolutionary War era and died on 26 February 1789 in Stratford, where she is buried.

Catherine Libey - Catherine is the only Libey ancestor I've found so far.  I only know that she married Benjamin Franklin Zigler (also below), and of their eleven children, one was born in 1831 in Penn Township, Pennsylvania.

Sallie Lockhart - The Lockhart family connects to the Owens family around the time of the American Revolution.  Sallie is the only member I know yet; she was born on 24 March 1780, married Reuben Owens Esq. on 27 Dec 1795 in Clinton County, Kentucky, and died on 25 June 1850.  I know of only one child so far, Samuel Johnston Owens (mentioned above in connection to Sara Ann Hamilton), born in 1805.

Mary Ann Lowe - This woman kept up many relationships with her Lowe relatives, as we can see in some U.S. census records.  She was born circa 1825 in Georgia, United States, and married Orrin Carstarphen Horne (mentioned elsewhere on this page) on 3 January 1843 in Houston County, Georgia.  Orrin and Mary appear in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 U.S. censuses in Pulaski County, Georgia.  In 1860, there are two children and an M. J. Lowe listed with the family in Hawkinsville.  In 1870, there are two other Lowe relations, Aaron A. and Nettie H., listed with them.  In 1880, they appear to be living alone.  I don't have Mary's death or parental information yet.

Christen Luginbull (Lugbull or Luginbühl) - I know that Christen was born circa 1675, but don't know where yet.  He married Anna Gilgen (also above), and I know of one child born to them, Anne Lugbull (born in 1701, died in 1756 in St. Nicolas, France).  There have been three variations on this surname spelling that I've seen so far.

__ MacWhirter - The MacWhirters were Scottish ancestors.  Thomas (who married Ellen Duffy, mentioned elsewhere on this page) and John MacWhirter were brothers and currently the oldest given names that I have found.  They were born in the mid 1800s, so their father would have been born in the early 1800s.

Ethel Maloney - The Maloney line may be one that leads back to Ireland; I don't know yet as Ethel is the only Maloney that I've seen in our direct ancestry so far.  She was probably born some time in the mid 1700s.  The nearest relative that I know of with a birth date is her granddaughter, Mary Jane Squier who was born in 1829.  I don't know anything about Ethel other than her marriage to Thomas Squier (also below) and the birth of their son Moses Squier, and even for these events, I don't know any dates or locations yet.

Eli Mathers - There is a family legend that notes a connection to the famous priest Cotton Mathers.  Some stories put Cotton Mathers as the father of Eli Mathers who in turn was the father of Lucinda Mathers (mentioned above as the wife of James Goodhue).  These connections are a bit under question still and need substantial work yet to prove them.

Narcissus Ann McCollum - I don't know where the McCollum line originates from, but Narcissus was a resident of Indiana.  She was born in 1825 and married Jonathan Napoleon Bonaparte Rice.  She and Jonathan are listed in the 1860 U.S. census in Richland Township, Fountain County, Indiana with seven children.  Altogether they had 11 children and she died in 1883.

Elizabeth McConnell - Elizabeth is so far the only McConnell that I've found.  She was born in 1761 in Virginia colony and married Walter Denny, son of John Denny and Margery B. __ (both also above).  Elizabeth's children were born beginning in 1782 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  Her fifth through eighth children were born in Wheeling, West Virginia from 1790 to 1802.  Elizabeth died on 14 February 1820 in Preble County, Ohio, and she is buried there.

Lottie McCorkle - Lottie is another woman of whom I know exceptionally little.  On 12 March 1868, she married Orran A. Horne who lived his life in Pulaski County, Georgia.  They had at least two children together: Lottie M. Horne (F; b. Jan 1870 in Georgia) and Mary Charlotte Horne (F; b. 3 Jan 1874 in Macon, Georgia).  She may have died before 1889 because on 25 July 1889, Orran remarried, this time to Elmira J. Taylor.

Jane McGregory - The McGregory line was another Scottish line.  Jane was born circa 1685 in Scotland.  She married John Francis (also above), probably in England but this is not confirmed.  I know of two children born in the early 1700s, but don't have any more details about her.

James McMahan - The McMahan line connects to the Hartwell line after the American Revolutionary War.  James was born on 15 January 1798 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  On 16 December 1820, he married Permelia Hartwell; they had twelve children together before he died on 4 September 1866 in Albion, Noble County, Indiana.

Elizabeth McWherter - Another Irish line, the McWherters married into the Meharrys.  Elizabeth married Alexander Meharry, the son of Alexander Meharry (also below), and they had four children that I know of born around the 1730s.

Elizabeth McWilliams - Elizabeth was the wife of Samuel Cook (also above).  I'm guessing that Elizabeth must have been born sometime before 1785 as her first child was born in 1802 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  Elizabeth was also born in that county, but I don't have any documentation showing the date yet.  I also don't know when or where she died, but her last child is listed as born on 20 July 1824 in Sugar Creek Township, Ohio, so there is a clue at least on where to look.

Alexander Meharry - The Meharry line originates in Ireland and migrates through Ohio to Indiana.  The oldest I know of on this line was Alexander Meharry, father-in-law of Elizabeth McWherter (also above).  I only know of one child to Alexander, and that was another Alexander that married Elizabeth.  The elder Alexander, guessing from the closest known birth dates, was probably born around 1670.

Elizabeth Mellowes - This Elizabeth could have been one of the earlier colonial births.  I don't yet know where she was born, but I have that she was born in 1625.  She was twice married, first to Thomas Barrett some time before 1648 in Concord, Massachusetts, then to Edward Wright (also below), maybe in 1654, also in Concord.  I don't know of any children with Thomas, and I know of two children with Edward.  Elizabeth died in 1691, but like her birth, I don't know where or exactly when.

Thomas Merriman - The Merriman line is one of the few that I can trace back to the early 16th century. Thomas was born circa 1505 in Witney, Oxfordshire, England.  Circa 1530 he married Joan __ (also above) and they had six children through the 1530s.  Thomas died in Witney on 22 July 1559.

Michel Mosimann - I know of two generations for the Mosimann line, ending with Michel.  He was born in 1671 in Sumiswald, a town in the present day canton of Bern, Switzerland.  He married Anne Judith Schouth (also below), had five children and died on 22 January 1763 in Sainte Suzanne, France.

George Henry Mosley - The Mosley line is one of the lines where we know living relatives personally.  The oldest of this line is George Henry, who was born maybe in 1798, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He married Letitia Parsons and had two children, both children born in the 1830s.  George died on 12 February 1872 in Troy, Kansas.

Christ Nafziger - The Nafziger line is another German line from the Alsace region, and another where I only know two generations.  I only know that Christ married Barbara Hochstettler (also above) and had three children with one of the children born in 1737 in Baden.

William Nisbet - The Nisbets connect to the Dennys after the American Revolutionary War.  William Nisbet, the oldest of the line so far, married Rebecca Denny on 5 March 1807.  I know of one child born to this marriage, Walter Denny Nisbet, and he was born in 1811 in Preble County, Ohio.

Cornelius Noonan - The Noonan line is one of our Irish connections.  Cornelius was born in 1832 near Dublin, Ireland.  In 1849 he emigrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and soon married Mary Ann Zigler in Richland County, Ohio.  Their six children were born between 1857 and 1865, and Cornelius died in 1866 in Shelby, Ohio.  The only other tidbit for Cornelius that we've found is that he purchased 40 acres of land in Center Township, Williams County, Ohio.

Katherine Oesch - Katherine was born on 24 January 1812, but I don't yet know where.  She married on an unknown date to John Schenbeck (also below) in Holmes County, Ohio; I'm guessing that the marriage was probably around 1830 or 1831 since their first child was born on 25 Oct 1832.  Katherine died on 8 August 1879.

William Olney - The Olneys married into the Merriman line in the mid-17th century. One step back from the marriage is William Olney.  He was probably born around 1600 since the only child that I know of for him, Abigail Olney, was born in 1628.  I don't know where the line lived, but Abigail emigrated to Connecticut colony.

Christina Otti - The Otti family is another where I only know one person, Christina.  She married Hans Klopfenstein (also above), and together they had Benedikt Klopfenstein in 1596 in Frutigen, present day Switzerland.

Vincent Owen - I know almost nothing about Vincent other than his marriage to Winnifred Lehew (daughter of Peter Lehew and Frances Allen, both also above) and that Vincent and Winnifred had Nancy Owen on 15 March 1754 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

William Owens - This may sound confusing, but William Owens was married to Judah __ (also above) and was the father of William Owens who married Nancy Owen, daughter of Vincent Owen (also above).  The elder William was born some time in the early 1700s as the younger William was born on 10 November 1750.  Unfortunately, I don't have any other details on the elder William.

Abraham Parsons - Abraham was the father of Letitia Parsons (mentioned above as the wife of George Henry Mosley).  Abraham was born on 5 March 1758 in Philadelphia, married Leonora Ryder (also below) in 1782 and died on 26 August 1822 in Philadelphia.  It is interesting to imagine the history that Abraham would have been able to witness in Philadelphia at the time of the Revolution and the framing of the primary documents of United States history; but I have yet to find of his involvement in any of it.

Thomas Powell - The Powells are listed as ancestors of Nancy Elizabeth Carstarphen (mentioned elsewhere on this page), so I'm still a little unsure about the validity of this line's connection.  But if we assume the connections are correct, Thomas is 7 generations back from Nancy.  Thomas was born circa 1614 and died in 1688 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  I know of two children to Thomas, but I don't have any information on a marriage for him yet.

James Pullen - James was the father of Eliza Pullen who married Peter Pullen (also below).  I don't have any information on James, but I'm guessing that he must have been in the United States in the early 1800s.

Peter Pullen - There is a family legend that Peter met his future wife Eliza Pullen while they were both on the ship sailing to the United States.  They shared the surname before their marriage.  Subsequent research has found that both Peter and Eliza were born in New Jersey.  Peter was born in 1817 while Eliza was born in 1820.  They were probably married just before 1840 as the first child that is listed with them in the 1850 U.S. census for East Windsor Township, Mercer County, New Jersey, was 10 years old at the time.  I know of four children born to this family in the 1840s.  Peter died in 1892 in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Anne Quinn - The Quinn surname is the only surname in my database so far that begins with Q.  Unfortunately, Anne is the only person I know of with this surname so far.  She was born in 1804 in Ireland and married Francis Lamb (also above) circa 1830.  She was listed in the 1860 U.S. census for New York, but I don't know when or where she died.

Anna Racheter - The Racheter line connects into the Amstutz line toward the end of the 17th century.  Anna was born in 1670 in Aeschlen, in the present day canton of Bern, Switzerland.  She married Ulrich Amstutz on 6 October 1692 in Sigriswil; together they had nine children, and Anna died in 1730.

Jane Ray - Jane was born circa 1735 in Ballyjamesduff, County Cavan, Ireland.  She married Hugh Meharry, probably around 1755, and they had five children born in Ballyjamesduff between 1757 and 1765.  I don't know where or when Jane died.

Magdalena Reber - The Reber line is another German line.  Magdalena married Abraham Egly (also above) in March 1819 in Baden.  They had three children that I know of and she died in 1834, perhaps within the present boundaries of Germany.

Anna Remund - Anna married Peter Klopfenstein on 22 October 1661 in Frutigen.  They had six children from 1662 to 1674, all born in Frutigen.  I don't know Anna's birth or death details yet.

Dicthli Remund - Dichtli was another woman who carried the Remund surname.  Although it is entirely possible, I do not yet know of a connection on the Remund side between Dichtli and Anna Remund (also above).  Dichtli was, however, Anna's aunt on the Klopfenstein side since Dichtli married Peter's father Benedikt Klopfenstein.  Benedikt and Dichtli's eight children were all born from 1630 to 1650 in Frutigen.

Rebecca Reynolds - The Reynolds line came through Kentucky to Indiana in the first half of the 19th century.  Rebecca was born on 13 April in either 1785 or 1795.  In 1810 she married Jonathan B. Rice as his first wife.  My notes list fifteen children to this marriage, many born in Henry County, Kentucky, others born in Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana, but two or more of them are probably actually be children of his second wife.  Rebecca died on 26 September 1830.

William Rice - William was the father of Jonathan B. Rice (mentioned above).  He was born circa 1764 in Henry County, Kentucky, and married Mary __ (also above).

Edward Rickard - All members of the Rickard line have lived entirely within the United States so far.  The oldest on this line was Edward, born in 1850 at an unknown location.  He married Catherine Jane Noonan (daughter of Cornelius Noonan, also above) in 1873 in Richland County Ohio.  After their sixth child was born, Edward and Catherine were divorced in 1888.  Edward died in 1904.

James Riley - I know more about James's daughter Louanne than I know about James himself.  James married Elizabeth __ (also above), and Louanne was born after 1815 in Peru, Indiana.

Mary Ring - Mary was born circa 1541 in Witney, Oxfordshire, England.  She married Gregory Merriman (son of Thomas Merriman, also above) some time before 1557.  Gregory and Mary had five children.

James Ross - Like other lines, I know more about this progenitor's daughter than I know about him.  James was the father of Mary Ross, who was born in 1796 in New Jersey.  There is a family legend that connects this line to Betsy Ross; I have yet to verify this claim with reliable primary sources.

Leonora Ryder - Leonora was another colonial resident, born on 18 April 1762 in Graves End, Long Island.  In 1782 she married Abraham Parsons (also above), and she died on 7 December 1855 in Philadelphia.

John Schenbeck - Another German line, the oldest known so far is John Schenbeck.  He was born on 29 October 1798 in Hesse Darmstadt.  Some time within twenty or so years he emigrated to the United States, where he was a farmer and married Katherine Oesch (also above) in Holmes County, Ohio.  Their nine children were born between 1832 and 1853 (I know that two of them were born in Holmes County, and it seems likely to me that all nine of them were), and John died on 24 March 1865.  Later generations of this line use the spelling Shanebeck.

Catherine Schlatter - Catherine was an immigrant to the United States.  She was born in 1793 in France and immigrated with her husband Jacob Goldsmith in 1834 to Butler County, Ohio.  She is listed in the 1860 U.S. census as living with her married daughter Katherine Egly in Hartford Township, Adams County, Indiana.  Catherine died on 4 September 1878.

Peter Schmid - Peter probably lived his life in Frutigen.  He was born circa 1655 and married Verene Bircher (also above).  I know of one child to this marriage and all of the grandchildren through that daughter were born in Frutigen.

Anne Judith Schouth (Schoutti) - Anne's surname is a bit of a question.  I've seen both spellings, and I suspect that the latter is more correct.  She was born in Niederdorf, present day canton of Bern, Switzerland.  Anne married Michel Mosimann (also above) and they had five children.  Anne died in January 1763 in Sainte Suzanne, France.

Mary Sharp - The Sharp line is yet another Irish line.  Mary was born circa 1710 in Ireland and married John Francis II.  I know of 8 children born to this marriage beginning circa 1730, but I don't know about Mary's death yet.

Sarah Sherwood - So far, I only know this line in passing.  Sarah married Stephen Beach circa 1791 in Adams County, Ohio, and they had 12 children in Ohio between 1792 and 1818.

Catherine Shryock - The Shryock line connects to the Hartwell line.  Catherine was born in 1767 in Hagerstown, Maryland colony, and she married Oliver Hartwell there in 1802.  They had five children and Catherine died in September 1863.

John Smedley - The Smedley line is another old Massachusetts colony line.  John Smedley married Sarah Wheeler (also below).  Together they had Sarah Smedley in 1666 in Concord, Massachusetts.  I do not have John's birth or death details yet.

Ambrose Smith - The Smith line in my database isn't very long yet.  Ambrose is the oldest in this line, born in 1561 in Whitlock, Leicester, England.  He married Margaret Cecil and died in 1584 in Whitlock.  But here's where the connection is a little questionable.  The only child that I have in my notes for this marriage, Henry Smith, was born in 1599 in Norwich, 15 years after Ambrose's death.

Thomas Squier - The earliest date that I know of in the Squier line is the birth of Thomas's granddaughter Mary Jane Squier in 1829.  So, I'm guessing that Thomas was born sometime around 1770, but I have absolutely no other documents to back up this theory yet.  Thomas married Ethel Maloney (also above).

Thomas Staples - Thomas was the father of Mary Staples who married John Beach (also above).  Thomas married Mary __ (also above), and their daughter Mary was born in 1627 in Fairfield, Massachusetts.  It's pretty clear based on the colony's establishment date that Thomas was not born in North America, but I don't know where or when it occurred yet.  I also don't have any information on is death, but I am guessing that it was probably in the colonies.

Christ Stauffer - The Stauffer line of the Alsace region is another that needs more research.  Christ, the oldest in this line so far, married Anne Nafziger daughter of Christ Nafziger and Barbara Hochstettler (both also above).  Christ Stauffer died before 1807.

Henry Stevens - The Stevens line is another British line in our ancestry.  Henry married Martha __ (also above), and they had Minerva Rose Stevens in 1839 in Mayland, Essex, England.  I have no further details on Henry yet.

Dorcas Taylor - The Taylor line is a relatively new line in my research.  Dorcas is so far the only person on the line that I have found.  She was born either on 12 December 1809 in Currituck, North Carolina, (according to another researcher's website) or circa 1812 in North Carolina (according to the 1850 U.S. census).  On 23 December 1827, she married Thomas Jefferson Voliva in North Carolina.  Thomas and Dorcas then moved from North Carolina to Richland Township, Fountain County, Indiana, in 1832.  They are listed there in the 1850 census with six children.  After that enumeration, they had four more children, and Dorcas died in 1897.

David Van Marter - I want to believe that the Van Marter line was Dutch, but I don't have any evidence to that theory yet.  David was born in 1803 in New York.  He married Mary __ (also above), and they had five children.  There is still some question as to his birth date, since his daughter Mary (who married Levi C. Holmes, also above) is listed in the 1860 U.S. census as 48 years old; this would have made David aged 10 at her birth, which is exceptionally unlikely.  David died on 3 April 1878 in Hightstown, Mercer County, New Jersey.

Joseph J. Voliva - The Voliva line is one of the more recent links in my research.  The furthest back that I've found on this line is Joseph J. Voliva, who was born in 1750 in Tyrrell County, North Carolina.  On 27 June 1795, he married Sarah Cahoon (also above) in Tyrrell County and they had three children that I know of.  There is also a record in the North Carolina Marriages database of a marriage between Nathan Voliva and Easter Cahoon in 1803 in Tyrell County, North Carolina.  It is possible that that Nathan and this Joseph were brothers and that Sarah Cahoon and Easter Cahoon were sisters.  Joseph died in February 1804.

John Welles - The Welles line is another that traces back to 16th century England.  John was born circa 1560 in Essex, England.  He was married to an as yet unknown woman circa 1584, with whom he had a son, also named John, circa 1588.

Barbe Wenger - Barbe is another where I only know of one person in the line.  She was born in 1767, married Hans Ulrich Amstutz in 1788 and had six children born in the Alsace region, including in Râches, Boron and Florimont.  Barbe died on 12 October 1847 in Florimont.

Sarah Wheeler - Although I've seen several references to others with the Wheeler surname in the American colonies, I don't know if any of them connect to Sarah.  Sarah married John Smedley (also above) and they had Sarah Smedley together on 12 December 1666 in Concord, Massachusetts.

William Wilcoxson - The Wilcoxsons also trace back to 16th century England.  William was born circa 1560 in Derby, Derbyshire, England.  In 1601 he had a son, also named William, in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.  The elder William died in 1626 in Wilksworth, Derby, England.

Edward Wright - The Wright line also comes through early Massachusetts history.  Edward was born maybe in 1627 and married maybe in 1654 to Elizabeth Mellowes (also above) in Concord.  They had two children that I know of and he died in 1691.

Benjamin Franklin Zigler - The namesake for this ancestor gives a clue as to the time period and location where he lived.  Indeed, Benjamin was born in 1802 in Pennsylvania.  He married Catherine Libey (also above), probably sometime in the 1820s, as the first birth date that I know of for their children was in 1831.  Benjamin died in 1881 in Williams County, Ohio.


RASchau said...

Elizabeth - wife of James Riley. Maiden name: Wiserman. Father's name: Joseph Wiserman. Mother's name: unknown.
Source: Walter Denny Nisbet's obituary.
Mr. Nesbit left his home in Perry county in the fall of 1830 and came to Logansport, Indiana, whence he came in a few days to Miami county, and with his mother and sister, Caroline Nesbit, settled at Miamisport, within three months after that town was founded. Shortly after they had settled, the family of Joseph Wiserman moved from Harrison county and settled near there. In the family Miss Louann Riley, a grand-daughter, and Mr. Nesbit was married to her April 17, 1832.

Jazan - wife of Oliver Hartwell. Maiden name unknown. First name has got to be a corruption of 'Susan.' Spelled Jazan on her tombstone which is obviously a rededication and not the original.

Margery B. - wife of Walter Denny. Maiden name: unknown. Their son John also married an unknown Marjorie. Looks like you've got Walter and John backwards.

Samuel Cook - I actually found the parents and grandparents of Samuel Lane Cook on your site. Kudos for that.

John Denny - the Denny line goes back like so: Rebecca Denny / William Nisbet Jr < Walter Denny / Elizabeth McConnell < John Denny / Marjorie ---- < Walter Denny / Marjorie B. ---- < Frederick Denny / Eleanor ----. Frederick Denny was born in Ulster (Scots Protestant) and Eleanor presumably was too. I believe Walter Denny was born in Ulster too, though I haven't found any proof yet.

Matthias Farnsworth - I descend from his wife Sarah Nutting. Matthias' father was also Matthias. His parents were Richard and Elizabeth Marshe. Her parents were Jacobus Marshe and Alicia Hey.

James McMahan - his parents were Joseph McMahan and Mary Schryhauser. His father was John McMahan, born in Scotland.

William Nisbet - the Nisbets go back way far. Rebecca Denny / William Nisbet Jr < William Nisbet Sr / Mary Elizabeth Irwin < Thomas Nisbet / Jean Finne < Allen Nisbet Jr < Allen Nisbet Sr < John Nisbet (Scottish Covenanter captain, hanged 1685) / Margaret Law < James Nisbet / Janet Gibson < Alexander Nisbet < Murdoch Nisbet (Scottish Lollard and translator of Wycliffe's English New Testament into Scots).

John Smedley, husband to Sarah Wheeler - his father was also John Smedley.

Sarah Wheeler < Thomas Wheeler / Sarah Merriam < Thomas Wheeler Jr / Ann Halsey < Thomas Wheeler Sr < John Wheeler / Alice Sayre < Henry Wheeler / Isabel Allen

Take a look at my tree for dates and such; it's public.

Anonymous said...

Henry Hearne (not Horne) was married to Elizabeth Boazman. John Powell and Deborah Hearne resided in Nansemond Co and were Quakers.

John Powell and Deborah his wife of Nansemond County to Thomas Jordan of Nansemond County
..."Deborah his wife daughter of Henry Hearn decd., (with her two sisters Rachel Hearn and Elizabeth Hearn)...107 AC (one third share) part of a patent of 320 AC to Thomas Mandue dated 20 April 1682...Thomas Mandue to Henry Hearn of Nansemond by deed dated 16 may descended to his three daughters Rachel, Elizabeth and Deborah...

Rachel married Thomas Price; I do not know anything about Elizabeth.

Doris Stone said...

Elizabeth Hutchins was the dau of John Hutchins & Maria (?), b ca 1592 d June 1638 Stratford,Fairfield Co,CT, bur same day. Will proved 4 Nov 1658 Fairfield. Source: THE DES OF JOHN CURTIS (1577-1639)& ELIZABETH HUTCHINS (1592-1658) Volume 1
The First 5 Generations
Ellwood Count Curtis, Sept 2000