Looking at a land patent

I’m doing a little researching around today to try to fill in some of the holes in my database from the 19th and early 20th centuries.  One of the resources that I purchased at the FGS conference recently was Family Maps of Montgomery County, Indiana.  I bought the book with the intention of looking up some of the original documents that were referenced within it.  Today, I finally looked up the records listed there in my direct line.

A silver bullet from FGS

Looking through my notes again today before heading out to work, I find the best quote that I heard from my time at the FGS 2011 conference.  It was from Dr. David McDonald’s session on Wisconsin history:

There is no silver bullet.  We’ll show you where to mine the silver and how to make a bullet out of it.

My last day at FGS 2011 in which I scare the bejeebus out of a genealogist

Yeah, sad to say that I finished my visit to the FGS 2011 conference today.  The conference will continue tomorrow, but I’ve got another meeting in another state to get to tomorrow morning.  So this will be my last update from the show.  But, it won’t be the last post with information and resources gained from attending the show.  As to how you scare a genealogist, read on…

A little more from Thursday at FGS

Well, hanging out with other Geneabloggers is certainly much more entertaining than sitting around in my hotel room writing the next post.  I said there would be more from Thursday, so here is a bit more before I head out again to attend FGS today.  Also there’s a time-sensitive promo code in this post…

FGS day 2 (for me)

Okay, so I’ve got an hour or so before the blogger reception across the street from the conference location, which should be enough time for today’s recap.  I didn’t get any photos yet; there may be a few later tonight at the blogger reception, so watch tomorrow.  I was able to talk to the FamilySearch rep about what I missed on Tuesday, so there’ll be some of that in here too….