Wait, what country is that?

I've recently been looking at records for ancestors on my trees that lived during the American Colonial period in the 17th and early to mid-18th century.  In doing this research, I've noticed what could be a problem if it is extended to territories beyond those in North America; it has to do with where the country borders were and what the territories were named.

Ryan's completed project

Back in September, I wrote about a heritage project that was assigned in my son's American History class.  The project is now complete (okay, it was shown a couple weeks ago, I've just had so many other things going on that I couldn't scrape together a block of time large enough to retouch the photo and post it here), and Ryan has a better idea of how one branch of our family migrated from Switzerland through Alsace-Lorraine to Indiana.  Here he is with his completed project and a few other students' projects around it...

Ryan chose to further examine the time that our family spent in France.  The seated woman in the photograph (just to the right of Ryan's shoulder) is Anna Klopfenstein Shanebeck who was born in Alsace-Lorraine in 1834 and died at age 97 in Allen County, Indiana; the article including the photograph is a copy of her obituary.  You can expect to see more about her in future posts.