Surname Saturday: Burton

This post has turned out to be the surname post that has taken the longest to write so far.  It's not that it was entirely difficult, but when I sat down on Monday evening to start working on it, I found that there were a number of connections in Ancestral File that I didn't have in my database yet.  These connections linked a couple of different Burton family members that I knew about, extended my ancestry back a couple generations and brought several descendant lines down to listings for living cousins.  The big caveat here is that the data was in Ancestral File; I've found a few incorrect records there in the past (like records showing a child's birth a year or two after the mother's death, or a mother who only lived ten years), so I generally treat anything in Ancestral File as unconfirmed, but it does give me many more leads for research.  So, let's take a look at the ancestry starting with my 5th-great grandmother, Sarah Burton.

Sarah was born on 11 January 1722 in Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut Colony.  She married first Abel Judson (b. 31 Jan 1721; d. 3 Jan 1799) on 7 May 1744.  Together they had four children: John Judson (M; b. 27 Apr 1745; m. 30 Apr 1767 Patience Fairman; d. 6 Feb 1812), Abel Judson (M; b. 21 Feb 1746; m. circa 1770 Ann Bennet), Sarah Judson (F; b. 1749; m. 17 Nov 1768 Asher Peck) and Ruth Judson (F; b. 1752).  Sarah Burton married second Nathan Beach (b. 23 May 1721).  This second marriage is where my connection lies; see my earlier post on the Beach line for more information.  I don't know yet why Sarah and Abel separated and I don't know Nathan's marriage date yet; the earlier marriage is one that I found in Ancestral File, and if the marriage is correct, the separation would have likely happened some time in the late 1750s or in the 1760s because it would then have been after Abel and Sarah's last child and Nathan and Sarah had one child that I know of, Stephen Beach (M; b. 1770; m. circa 1791 Sarah Sherwood).  It is entirely possible that there may have been two women named Sarah Burton in Stratford about this time.  Clearly, more research is needed here.

Sarah Burton's parents were Judson Burton (b. 1697 in Stratford, Connecticut Colony; d. 1774) and Eunice Lewis (b. 29 Jan 1699 in Stratford; d. 26 Feb 1789 in Stratford); they were married on 9 August 1722 and had four children: Sarah Burton (above), Silas Burton (M; b. circa 1737; m. Mary Welles; d. 1767), Mercy Burton (F; b. circa 1739; m. 20 Feb 1809 Daniel Judson) and Ruth Burton (F; b. 1741).

Judson Burton was the fourth child born to Solomon Burton (b. circa 1660 in England; d. circa 1720 in Stratford, Connecticut Colony) and Mercy Judson (b. 17 June 1665 in Stratford; d. circa 1736 in Stratford).  Solomon and Mercy were married on 1 August 1687 in Stratford and had six children: Ruth Burton (F; b. 1690; d. probably young), Benjamin Burton (M; b. 3 Aug 1692; m. 7 Dec 1714 Bethia Curtiss; d. 1765), Joseph Burton (M; b. 1695; m. 30 Nov 1720 Anna Uxfoot; d. 30 Dec 1721), Judson Burton (above), Ruth Burton (F; b. 1700) and Sarah Burton (F; b. 1702; m. 3 Nov 1720 Nathaniel Beach).  Yes, the Nathaniel Beach that married Sarah Burton is also related to my Beach line, he is (according to the relationship calculator in Roots Magic) my first cousin 8 times removed and the first cousin once removed of Nathan Beach listed above.

The obvious next steps here are to verify all of the connections with additional references due to the sometimes dubious nature of some data in Ancestral File.  The Beach connections are fairly well established based on all of the Beach researchers that I've seen, but the interconnections between the Burtons and the Judsons are still under question in my research.  Once I have the connections in the Colonies verified, I'll be better able to make the leap back to England to follow Solomon's ancestry.

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