Surname Saturday: Bircher

Now that the holiday rush is past, it's time to get back into regular updates again.  We pick up where we left off with a line on my wife's side again.  This is another case where I only know of one person with this surname.  It is her eighth-great grandmother, Verene Bircher.

I know very little about Verene so far, and she is one of my current brick walls.  Here's what I do know.  Verene was born circa 1657.  She married Peter Schmid (b. circa 1655), and together they had a daughter: Elizabeth Schmid (m. 2 Feb 1702 to Hans Klopfenstein in Switzerland).  Verene is listed in Ancestral File as Verena Bircher (AFN: 9LM0-P4) where her daughter (AFN: 9LLJ-6M) is listed as being christened on 6 Nov 1681.  Judging by Elizabeth's christening date, Verene probably lived at least through the 1670s.  Although Ancestral File shows Elizabeth's christening in 1681, I am presuming that the birth listed there for her in the same month is merely a guess.  Elizabeth could have been born as much as 10 years earlier based on her parents' birth dates. I have yet to find any other dated event for Verene, so this is purely speculation.  If I had to guess on a location for Verene's events, I would start with Frutigen, Switzerland, as that is where her daughter Elizabeth was christened and married.

As to the next research steps on this line, I need to find all of the information for Verene and her family.  It seems that a good place to start would be to research and learn more about Frutigen and the surrounding area (other than the fact that Frutigen is currently within the canton of Bern and is at the northern portal of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel, one of the longest railway tunnels in the world).

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