Surname Saturday update: Allen

After I wrote about my Allen connections last week, I decided to do a quick lookup on FamilySearch Pilot to see what I could find for Elva Allen.  I should have done this some time ago as one of the first records that was returned was a page from the 1870 U.S. census covering Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.

 I apologize for the jpg artifacts, but here's an extract of the relevant page, with the contrast and brightness adjusted for readability...
Obviously, I didn't include the birth place column in this extract, but here are the details: The family as shown here on 27 June 1870 includes John C. Allen (age 49, born in Ohio), Sarah Allen (age 41, born in Indiana), Elva Allen (8, Indiana), Ira Allen (6, Indiana), Asa Allen (4, Indiana) and Charlie Allen (1, Indiana).  The facts in this census listing match up with what I had known about Elva and her father John and according to Wikipedia, Darlington and Sugar Creek Township are very close geographically, so it seems pretty likely that this is the right Allen family.

The next image I found on FamilySearch Pilot was from the 1850 census in Franklin Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.  I'm guessing that this census was taken before John married Sarah, as he is listed as a 28-year-old laborer who was born in Ohio living in the household of Sarah Deford (age 50, born in Kentucky) on 24 July 1850.

So, the questions that remain include:
  • How did John know Sarah Deford and Jane Clouser, the other members of the 1850 household?
  • Who were John's parents and where did they come from?
  • Did John have any siblings?
  • What was Sarah's maiden name and who were her parents?
  • What happened to Ira, Asa and Charlie?
Time to get back to the records to find the answers to these and many more questions about the family.

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