Surname Saturday: Breschbuler

This week's surname study is another where I only know of one person so far.  Today we'll look at my wife's fifth great grandmother, Marie Breschbuler.

As I mentioned, I know only of one person in my research that fits into this line so far.  She lived in the 18th century in France, marrying Hans Ulrich Amstutz (see my earlier post on this line) on 5 June 1741 in Mulhouse, France.  Hans and Marie had eight children: Francois Chretien Amstutz (M; b. 26 Feb 1747), Christian Amstutz (M; b. 1750; m. 25 June 1783 to Marie Anne Amstutz), Maria Ursula Amstutz (F; b. 27 Feb 1750; d. 5 May 1752), Marie Amstutz (F; b. 24 June 1752), Elisabeth Amstutz (F; b. 24 June 1752; m. 12 May 1772 to Jean Jacques Briguel; d. 13 Aug 1825), Michel Amstutz (M; b. 3 March 1755; m. 4 Feb 1777 to Anne Prevot; d. 1840), Jean Jacques Amstutz (M; b. 16 Jan 1757; m. 25 June 1783 to Vrena Amstutz) and Hans Ulrich Amstutz (M; b. April 1763; m. 1788 to Barbe Wenger; d. 7 May 1824).  I have notes for various births in either Masevaux or Montbeliard, France.  Many of the Amstutz relations lived in both towns, so it is possible that she may have traveled between the two at various times.

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Masevaux and Montbeliard, as we see in the Google map above, are about 50 kilometers apart on either side of Belfort, another town that appears frequently in this group of families, and Mulhouse is also nearby about the same distance to the east.  All of this is near the present day borders of Germany (southwest of Strasbourg) and Switzerland (north of Bern).

The next steps for research on this line are fairly obvious.  I need to find Marie's birth and death data and work back to find her parents.  This line is another case where I need to learn more about the area in which these events occurred.

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