Surname Saturday: Benedict

We're back to a surname again of which I know only one person in our direct ancestry lines.  Today we'll look at my wife's sixth great grandmother, Hannah Benedict.  I did do some searching around this week and found her only in Ancetral File and in the one book that I mentioned recently about referencing.  Who is this mysterious woman?

Hannah Benedict was born in 1747.  I don't know where yet, but based on the other lines that I've researched, I suspect she may have been born in either Massachusetts or Connecticut colony.  But, with my luck, she was probably the immigrant of this line.  Some time around 1764, she married Oliver Hartwell (b. 24 April 1739 in Groton, Massachusetts, and d. 17 July 1835 in Norwich, Chenango County, New York).  Hannah was Oliver's second wife, and together they had three children that I know of: Oliver Hartwell (M; b. after 1765; m. 1802 Catherine Shryock; d. 10 Dec 1813), Ebenezer Hartwell (M; b. 25 June 1768; m. 1796 Rachel Mead; d. 1856) and Benjamin Harlow Hartwell (M; b. 1772; m. 1808 Margaret Dyes; d. 29 Oct 1848).  I have not found Hannah's parents yet.

I am currently working my way through the Hand-book of Hartwell Genealogy (a task which I hope to complete before getting to the Hartwell line in Surname Saturday posts), so the list of Hannah's children may be extended a little in the coming weeks.  The next steps on this line are, obviously to find out more about her birth and parents.  I have a copy of her husband's military pension records, but I haven't seen anything in them yet that would give me more clues as to Hannah's lineage.  Perhaps the answer will come to light as more records are put online for me to access...

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