Surname Saturday: Allen, but a different line

Yes, it's another Allen line, but this is one that I have exceptionally little knowledge about.  Last time, I told you about the ancestry of Elva Allen, and then gave you an update with a few more details that I found in the U.S. census after the original post.  This time, the Allen connection is my wife's 7th great grandmother, Frances Allen.  I really know almost nothing about this woman except that she married Peter Lehew (M; b. Apr 1762, France; d. Apr 1780, Prince William, Virginia) and together they had nine children, of whom, other than their names (which will be listed in a future post) I know only one birth date and one spouse.  The priority on researching this line should therefore be to find the vital dates and locations for Frances Allen and then to find more details on her children.  I still need to research an American colony to learn more about the family, but this time the location is a bit farther south.

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Heather Rojo said...

I have two Allen lineages, too, and they lived maddeningly near to each other. Both start with an immigrant ancestor named William Allen in the 1600s in Massachusetts- and both lineages left a plethora of William Allens in their wake. Sorting them out has been an education in genealogical research!