What was her name?

Okay, so I'm going through the steps as a volunteer indexer for FamilySearch.  I've heard of some rather interesting names in my own research, but the name that I spotted today has got to be my favorite so far.  Here's a partial extract of the relevant page from the 1930 U.S. census; take a look at the name that is highlighted:

Am I reading this right?  Does that really say this woman's name was Easter Ham?  It may be a misspelling of  Esther, but it made for a chuckle as I went through the page and transcribed exactly what I saw today.


lambj said...

My favorite among the names I was typing at work recently was Max W. Ott at an electric utility. :-)

Carol said...

Could be Easter Harn, but, I like your version, Easter Ham, much better. LOL