Transcription errors are fickle beasts has opened up marriage records for free access this week through Sunday.  I was able to carve out a little bit of time today to see what I could find in a quick search on a couple of the lines I’m researching, and found some interesting results…

The first couple I searched for was that of Orrin Carstarphen Horne and Mary Ann Lowe.  There were two results for the same record (one for Orrin and one for Mary) that popped up to the top of the list, but they weren’t anything more than an index listing noting their marriage date as 5 January 1843 in Houston County, Georgia.  That is almost the same as what I’ve found elsewhere listing their marriage as 3 January instead of 5 January.  But with all the other data points matching, it adds to my evidence pile for this couple.

The more interesting search result was just a little further down the list.  In the Savannah, Georgia, vital records 1803-1966 database, there was an entry listed for a marriage between Eugene J Laueb (b. New York) and Mary C Horne (b. Savannah, Georgia).  That’s just too close to my great grandparents information to be anyone else, so I clicked it.  Lucky for me, it was a link to an original document scan that was included in the free access.


Okay, so things look like they should match, let’s see the original record…


The columns in this record are:

  • month of marriage – July (dittoed from the first record on the page)
  • day of marriage – 24
  • marriage number – 24 (for the count of marriages on the page)
  • birth number – [blank]
  • death number – [blank]
  • name of male – Lamb, Eugene J [transcribed as Laueb, Eugene J]
  • name of female – Horne, Mary C
  • white male – 27
  • white female – 28
  • colored male – [blank]
  • colored female – [blank]
  • age, years – [blank]
  • age, months – [blank]
  • age, days – [blank]
  • nativity, male – New York
  • nativity, female – Savannah, Ga (dittoed from a previous record)
  • residence – New York N Y
  • occupation, male – [blank]
  • occupation, female – [blank]

Mary Charlotte Horne was a granddaughter of Orrin C. Horne and Mary Ann Lowe.  My previous research noted that Mary C. Horne may have been born in Macon, and her birth date may have been in 1870, 1872, 1873 or 1874.  Additionally, my notes show that Eugene’s birth year could have been 1872 or 1873.

I think the evidence I’ve already found is sufficient to state that those are my great grandparents, so I put in a correction note for the transcription.  But looking at the original record, it really does look like Laueb instead of Lamb.  The scribe’s penmanship in 1900 was good, but could have been just a little bit better.


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