Mosley matches in Colorado

I’ve been waiting for the 1940 U.S. census indexing to finish Colorado this week.  The progress map shows that the state is fully indexed, but the index isn’t quite available to search yet on FamilySearch.  So today I took a quick look at the other record sets available for Colorado and found some new information in our lines…

When you visit the FamilySearch main page, there are links further down the page below the search boxes, where it says “Browse by location.”  I followed these links to “United States” and then “Colorado.”  Right now there are two collections for Colorado, “Colorado State Census, 1885” and “Colorado, Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-1939.”  I’ve looked through the 1885 census before and found a couple entries that were relevant.  Today I looked through the second collection and found several images that were relevant to my research.


Alfred Henry Mosley (b. 23 June 1859, Sumner, Kansas; d. 5 April 1948, Denver, Colorado) was Jennifer’s 2nd-great grandfather.  Here we have a record verifying his marriage to Mary Lois Dunn (b. 17 July 1862, Mineral Point, Wisconsin; d. 22 Aug 1951, Denver) on 15 November 1881, in Blackhawk, Gilpin, Colorado, a fact that I already had in my database from an SAR application that I found last year.  Scrolling through nearby images in the record set, since they were sorted by groom’s surname, next gave me this one:


Earl Lewis (or Louis) Mosley (b. 7 Nov 1883, Denver) was Alfred Henry Mosley’s and Mary Lois Dunn’s first child.  My database had his marriage to Laura Crowe (b. 16 Oct 1882, Kansas) on 29 Aug 1907, so this record added her middle initial and their marriage location.

The next record that was relevant was this:


Here we have Earl’s brother Herbert Richard Mosley (b. 22 Jan 1887, Pennsylvania; d. Dec 1973, Denver) marrying Lois Ann Leonard (b. 30 March 1892, Boone, Iowa; d. Nov 1981, Denver).  This record gave me their marriage date and location and verified their ages.  Jennifer is descended from this marriage, so this was another very important record for us.

The fourth, and so far last, record that I found in this collection relevant to my research was this:


Richard Washington Mosley (b. 22 Feb 1834, Pennsylvania; d. 22 Jan 1942) was Alfred H. Mosley’s (above) uncle.  I had that he had married Lucinda M. ___  (b. July 1843, Vermont) somewhere around 1882, so finding this record, I was able to add Lucinda’s surname as well as their marriage date and location.

The record set where I found these had about 40 images of grooms with the surname Mosley and another 40 or so with the surname Moseley.  While it may not be as likely that any of the Moseley records are relevant in my research, there are probably other Mosley records in this collection that would be relevant here.  Now to see if I can find any more relevant marriages in this collection…


G E Mosley said...

The middle name for Earl L Mosley is Louis. He was a civil engineer graduating from CU. He was city manager of Colorado Springs among his many accomplishments.

Sean Michael said...

Mr. Lamb-- been meaning to write you for awhile and then completely forgot about your blog. I just was reviewing and noticed something that might be a piece of information I've been hunting for a long time.

Alfred H's uncle, Richard Washington, died in early February, 1918. I found the obit online last year. He's buried in Riverside among the various family of Lucinda Mosley, but has no personal marker for some reason.

You have a death date of January 22, 1942. That would have to be his grandson, who was born Richard Washington Graham on Nov 6, 1877; but changed his name to Mosley later. That child is the son of Mary L Mosley Graham, who was the only child of Richard Washington Snr and his first wife, Barbara Hardin. Mary died from complications from the birthing and has a beautiful stone in the Masonic Cemetery btw Central City and Nevadaville in Gilpin. She was 21. The father was Isaac Turpin Graham who does not seem to have been involved in his son's life (thus the name change from Graham to Mosley). I haven't been able to find anything about RW Mosley Jr after 1930 or so... Can you tell me where you found the record of his death and, by any chance, do you have where he died and where he might be buried?

I believe Alfred H's father's house on Vine Street (@1895) in Denver was standing until about 5 years ago. It was just across the street from Lucinda and RW Mosley Snr's home, which I believe is the same building as is there now.

Sean Lamb said...

Thank you both for your comments, additions and corrections.

G E Mosley, I had the spelling of Earl's middle name as Lewis rather than Louis. I'll have to look up the city records sometime to learn more about him.

Sean Michael (curious that we share names!), I had the elder Richard Washington's death sourced to an email from another family member in 2004. I didn't know about Barbara Hardin, so that entire branch is new to me. Alfred Henry's address, 2603 Vine Street, is listed in the 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1940 censuses. I haven't tried researching the house yet, but since you mention it was standing until just recently, I wonder if it would appear in the satellite images on Google Earth?

Again, thank you both for the comments; I'm adding the data to my research notes.