Is he the guy?

Genealogical research often seems like a detective story.  In our house, we watch a lot of detective stories on television and we’ve taken a line from Monk, one of our favorite shows of the genre, and applied it to other shows.  As soon as we guess who the villain is, we say “he’s the guy.”  Or if we disprove someone as the villain, we say “he’s not the guy.”

Today I took a quick look on FamilySearch to see if I could find anything on the elder Aaron Lowe, who I wrote about earlier this week.  One newspaper item that I showed mentioned he lived in North Carolina from about the time of the revolution and moved to Georgia in the 1830s.  There are four entries in the U.S. census indexes that could be him, but I don’t yet know for certain.  Using “Aaron Lowe” as the name and “North Carolina” as the place and 1780 to 1820 as the year range, I see four entries for Aaron Low(e) living in Pasquotank, North Carolina, in the 1790, 1800, 1810 and 1820 censuses.  The images are at Ancestry, so I’ll have to go to my local library to look at them, but I’m left to wonder… is he the guy?

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