Not so Wordless Wednesday - who are these people?

The wordless part of this Wordless Wednesday post is that most of the people in this photograph aren't talking to me.  I know who a few of these people were (read more to see them), but who were the rest?

So, when I got a copy of this photo, it came with a key and a descendancy chart for the family of Nathan Beach (1798-1874) and Mary Meharry (1803-1868).  The key for the image is as follows:

The key lists ten people.  They were:
  1. Josiah Nathan Beach (1840-1914)
  2. Elva (Allen) Beach (1861-1915)
  3. Mayme E. M. Beach (1870-1907)
  4. Garfield Nathan Beach (1880-1960)
  5. Arthur Austin Beach (1882-1965)
  6. Emerson Asa Beach (1884-1956)
  7. Estella Lavona Marie Beach (1887-1961)
  8. Everett Josiah Beach (1889-1960)
  9. Stephen A. R. Beach (1835-1895)
  10. Sarah Jane Francis Beach (1837-???)
That leaves 18 people in the photograph unidentified.  I'm pretty sure that everyone in this photo was related, and that they are posing in front of the family home in Indiana.  But who were they?

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